No Day But Today

Today I’m listening to one of my favorite musicals ever, RENT.  When I was a tween, all the women in my family took my sister and me to go see it.  At the time I didn’t understand the absolute profoundness of the music and point of the entire play.  As I grew, I learned that one of the things is to take advantage of every day you have here on earth; with friends, family and everyone you come into contact with or encounter.

When you’re bipolar, this is especially hard to do.  It can be so difficult to just get out of bed in the morning and brush your teeth or hair.  In a manic phase, you want to do anything and everything.  It makes it so hard to appreciate the moments you’re in and be thankful for those people and loved ones that do support you.

I’ve recently had so much support from my extended family that I cannot be more grateful for or lucky to have.  My whole family has taken my diagnosis in stride and has been so incredibly supportive.  My dad talked to me for hours about it, and my sister makes sure that my medication is good and safe for me to take.  They all visited me in the psych ward, which most of the patients didn’t have.

Today I’m so grateful for my husband putting me first and being such a steady rock for me.  He has been amazing and works so hard to understand and my new diagnosis.  He’s been taking care of me and working hard to get me a truck that I love and he believes is good enough for me.  He starts my car in the morning for me when he’s up.  He’s cooked dinner for the past week.  He’s spent countless money on me when I mess up my finances from my impulsive spending.  He’s been an angel and I’m so glad I found someone that what’s wrong with me fits what’s wrong with him.  It’s been wonderful to grow together through this difficult time in my life.  I don’t know where I’d be without my wonderful family supporting me.  It breaks my heart that I know that I’m one of the few people with such a huge diagnosis that has such a great support system.  I know not everyone has the same blessing.

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