Another Rant

I need to rant again.  I saw this meme posted on one of the bipolar pages I follow, which usually posts pretty good content.  Content meant to lift and create positive vibes.  This one however, I feel is misrepresenting what bipolar is to the thousands of people who will see the image.


“I am bipolar, change my mind.” “I changed my mind.”  Just a few simple words, but there are so many issues with them.  First off, I am not bipolar, I HAVE bipolar.  For those that have other disorders like MS, do we say they ARE multiple sclerosis?  No, we don’t.  What makes mine any different?  That it’s in my brain?  It’s still an organ and can get sick.  It’s no different than a liver or pancreas.  I am much more than my disorder, as are those that have MS.  Yes, it is a part of me, but with my medication, nobody would ever know about it.  Of course, Connor will, as he sees everything I do and is alert for changing behavior, but that is the only person.  I don’t have a neon sign above my head screaming in bright wavelengths that “I am bipolar.”  It just feels like I do to me.

The second issue I have with the picture is the view and stereotype that someone with bipolar will rapidly change their mind and can’t stick with one decision.  Their moods will flip flop on a dime and you can never tell what is going to happen.  If someone is in a mood, saying “you’re so bipolar” is so infuriating.  If someone has the shakes, we don’t say, “You’re so Parkinson’s.”  It’s ridiculous and annoying.  I have a mood disorder where I go from a deep depression for months into something that looks like a mild ADD.  I’m a somewhat “normal” feeling person that can be productive.  I can play and be silly and laugh.  This is really hard to do when I’m “down.”  This does not mean it happens every minute, day, week or month.  Most people’s bipolar swings happen a few times a year.  Not a day.  NOT A DAY.  We are not changing moment by moment, so stop treating us like we are.  Stop spreading this ridiculous stereotype.  It’s infuriating and insulting to us.

2 thoughts on “Another Rant

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts about how we with a mental disorder identify. Your blog is an important message to all especially those who don’t understand disorders. I say disorders rather than illness because we are not sick but disordered. I have Schizophrenia, I am not schizophrenic. I hadn’t thought about being bipolar in this manner but have been guilty of it but no more. Thank you for your blog!


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