Small Rant

A few things here have been driving me crazy recently.  I need to talk about two things to not say to someone who has a mental issue, especially bipolar, since that’s my experience.

  1.  Anything to do with my medication
  2. Treating me like a china doll that will break

Look.  I’m not dangerous.  I’m not going to blow up on you and freak out.  You don’t have to treat me like a crystal chandelier that is hanging from the ceiling on a broken chain.  Don’t watch what you say around me, don’t force positivity down my throat like it will make everything okay.  Just be normal.  I’m the same person you’ve always known.  I just know WHY I do the stupid things I do now.

Now, if I DO end up blowing up or going into a spiral, don’t tell me to adjust my medication or ask if I need to take a pill.  This is between my doctor(s) and myself.  I may forget to take my medicine in the morning sometimes, but that does not affect my mood at all.  It just makes me feel icky.  Just do me a favor.  Unless you’re Mandy or my doctor, shut up about my medicine.  It’s not your business, nor your job to monitor.

End rant.

5 thoughts on “Small Rant

  1. Emily Williams says:

    This rant perfectly explains why I stopped taking my meds as a teen and then sat back and listened to people tell me how much better I was behaving. 😣


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